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Sewer Camera Inspections in St. Louis, MO

If you’re buying a home or commercial building, or you are concerned about the condition of your current line, drain and lateral sewer inspections are a crucial step in the process. Whether it is an older building or a newly constructed property, you need a sewer inspection company you can trust.

We at Superior Sewer Co. are dedicated to providing St. Louis Metropolitan area businesses and homeowners with the best service. Our thoroughly trained technicians can use our high-quality sewer cameras to inspect your pipes, identify any issues with your sewer line, and recommend the necessary repairs to clear blockages or fix cracks. Contact us today!

Same Day Sewer Inspections
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What is a Sewer Scope?

A sewer scope is a thorough video analysis of the lateral sewer line. This pipeline leads from the interior cleanout stack, through the home or building, then outside to the city main connection. A sewer inspection is performed to identify the line's condition and the type of material the sewer lateral is made of.


During a sewer scope, we are looking for any of the following:


  • Damage to the line

  • Blockages as a result of excessive debris

  • Any root intrusion

  • Scaling (build up inside the line) 

  • Bellies in the line (low spots that create areas for debris to collect)

  • Cracks

  • Foreign objects


At Superior Sewer Co., we also perform secondary sewer line inspections with your sewer lateral inspection. A secondary sewer line is a branch line that connects to the main sewer line, often coming from a kitchen sink, bathroom, or elsewhere in the home or building. Our sewer inspectors see just as much damage in those smaller additional lines, so it is crucial to have them inspected as well.


While most other St. Louis sewer inspection companies charge extra to inspect secondary sewer lines, our team does this at no additional charge! It can be challenging to access these smaller lines, but if we are able to get to them, secondary line inspections with a mini camera will be included in the main service automatically.


Why Hire Our St. Louis Sewer Inspectors

From pre-purchase inspections to routine maintenance, our goal at Superior Sewer Co. is to help save our customers time and money. Our experienced technicians use the latest plumbing technology to have a real-time look at what is happening within your sewer system. Our lateral sewer inspection can catch potential blockages, pipe damage, and other problems that might become more expensive if not addressed promptly. If pipes have already been damaged, our sewer camera inspection improves the cleaning or repair process by providing our technicians with a clear look inside your sewer system.

Sewer Line Inspections in St. Louis

If your lateral sewer line is clogged and backed up, a sewer camera is the best way to locate and identify the obstruction. Our advanced sewer pipe inspection equipment can help our team determine the cause of the issue in no time and apply the right solution for effective, long-term results.

Drain Inspections in St. Louis

With a drain scope, we can accurately diagnose issues such as cracks and deterioration, clogs resulting from a buildup of grease and debris, and pipes not functioning correctly due to poor installation or substandard materials.

Preventative Sewer Inspections in St. Louis

Along with having a sewer inspection performed when you purchase your property, routine sewer camera inspections are an essential part of responsible property maintenance. Having regularly scheduled sewer scope inspections for your home or commercial building helps ensure drains are in proper working condition. When you maintain the health of your sewer lines, you can increase the life of your entire sewer lateral system.


Sewer Camera Inspection Process

The steps involved in running a camera for a sewer video inspection include:


  1. Assess the home or business to determine the layout of the lateral system. We do this to determine the furthest point of entry away from the city main line to ensure that the entire sewer lateral line is inspected.

  2. Identify the location of the cleanout within the home or building.

    • Access is usually found through an interior plumbing stack. This stack will have a cleanout cap that can be removed so the camera can be inserted and run out to the city connection.

    • Alternatively, there may be a yard vent outside. This cap can be removed and the camera can be inserted through this vent, under the building, and out to the city connection.

    • A third option is to access the line from a vent on the roof.

  3. If accessible, slowly turn on the water to determine flow. This is often where backups are found.

  4. Open the cleanout cap and insert the sewer camera. Our self-leveling HD camera will follow the flow of water to the city main connection and the line will be inspected.

  5. Retrieve the line from the city connection back to the cleanout cap, recording and describing what is found on the way.

  6. Replace the cleanout cap, and clean the area.

  7. After completing the inspection, your sewer inspector will provide you with a descriptive report. We will then recommend the necessary next steps to ensure your sewer and drain lines work properly.


Contact Our St. Louis, MO Sewer Inspection Company

A quick turnaround, transparent pricing, and friendly service are just some of the many reasons customers choose Superior Sewer for drain and sewer camera inspection services in St. Louis. Contact us today!

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